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Everyone Reads Reviews

93% of online shoppers use online reviews for their purchasing decisions

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Online Reviews Are the Ultimate Measure of your Online Brand

88% of customers trust online reviews as a measure of the reliability, quality, and professionalism of your business.

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Unfavorable Reviews can ruin your business

A single bad review will cost you 30 customers!


Manage your online reputation in 3 steps:


Create Endoforms

Customize request form by selecting the information you need to get from customers that fit your requirements.


Send Super links

Send requests to individual customers via a single click and watch your reviews pour in.


Program Endorsals

Program automatic publication of positive reviews and recommendations in key review sites by copy-pasting 3 lines of code.

Customer reviews have a huge positive impact on people’s thinking and behaviour

Great testimonials can drive thinking and urge prospective customers into action.

Secure & Consistent

All data is 100% encrypted for hack-proof security. It is nearly impossible for anyone to decipher data.

Act Promptly

Manage reviews so you can recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.


Management and Marketing Software

Obtain genuine online reviews from customers and use them to create your digital footprint and

get a grip on your brand.

Review Monitoring

Effectively manage customer reviews

Keep an eye on your new customer reviews in more than 150 industry-specific review sites

Effectively screen reviews using your custom-made criteria

Get notified on any negative feedback via email

Classify bad and good reviews and prevent poor and harmful reviews from getting posted in social media

Promptly act on unhappy customers before they create negative reviews that can damage your online reputation

Review Marketing

Let your happy customers be your biggest advertisers.

Transform your brand as the new buzzword in social media

Auto-publish positive customer reviews to your social media accounts

Flaunt the best and newest reviews on your homepage via auto widgets and get the customer’s word as your proof of quality

Have the drop on your competition by improving your search rankings

Engage and attract new customers with online customer testimonials

Review Management

Manage all reviews from different customers and review sites using a single control panel.

Tap and augment your customer reviews thru more than 150 major, local, and industry review sites such a Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, BBB and Yellow pages among others

Directly give customers a shout back to Facebook, Google and other review sites from a single dashboard

Act promptly on negative reviews before they go public

Stimulate customer interaction and engagement with promotional coupons and rewards

Effectively deliver satisfactory customer experience on the go

Provide customers with easy to follow guidelines and get a good press from customers in different review sites

Review Generation

Streamline the process for requesting and collecting customer reviews.

Create custom-made messages, templates, schedule, and sequence to tone with your business brand

Automate forwarding, follow-up, and rejoinder of campaign recipients

Efficiently measure reputation management performance by tracking conversions

Implant review collection widgets on your business page, email, social media, and other online profiles

Avoid bad publicity

Don’t let a few unsatisfied customers ruin your business.

Systematically separate good vs. bad reviews and prevent bad reviews from spiralling out of control.
Manage bad reviews effectively by acting promptly to address issues off the cuff.

 “Our website now lands in the top Google search page after obtaining more positive customer reviews since using the software. Thank you very much”

Joelle Doe, CMO @ FrontLines

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