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Search engines highlight business websites that provide the best customer experience. Customer reviews provide targeted and relevant traffic for your site. It is the best source of searcher intent.  With our help, you gain more critical customer reviews that will make your auto repair shop easier to find online especially in the local area where you serve.


Substantiate your service quality and pump in more customers

Online customer reviews serve as the first experience of a potential customer to your business.  They create the first impression of a customer without having to set foot in your shop. Get the highest review rating possible for your company. Get the five-star reviews that validate your quality, build trust, and win more clients.


Gain more reviews to promote your auto repair shop

Online reviews follow the numbers game. The higher volume of positive reviews you get, the better it is for your business. Your business becomes more searchable and popular online. Your business gains more customers as your services are deemed more reliable. We will help you increase your online reviews by 10 fold. Generate more reviews by knowing when to ask customers for reviews at the right timing and the easiest platform.


Purge the knocks and bench your online reputation

Customer reviews can grow or drain your business. It is important to manage your online reputation and handle negative reviews properly.  Our system provides the shock to cushion the impact of negative reviews without appearing biased. Show your prospective customers that your reviews are authentic, that you care about your patrons and that you are an incredible company to have their cars fixed.


Capitalize on social media’s reach and engagement to boost sales

A trusted referral from a friend is the holy grail of digital advertising. Influencer marketing is the most effective advertisement in social media. We can help you tap social media to broadcast and spread the good news about your business. Take advantage of the inherent credibility, authenticity and personal touch of customer reviews in social media to help boost your market and gain more customers.

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