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Lacking online presence is business suicide. With online reviews, your business will be more visible online. Online reviews are the best sources of inspiration content to improve your Google rankings. Increase your keyword content and click-through rate with online reviews and be the household name for cleaning services in your area.


Capitalize on free advertising with online reviews to attract new clients

People rely on online reviews for finding and evaluating cleaning services.  Online reviews serve as personal recommendations that build trust.  Get the rating that will make prospective clients ready to trust your services and repel those that will give you misgivings.


Polish your name with reviews to attract more customers

The cleaning business has the best chance of acquiring reviews in the service business. It's a matter of asking it at the right timing and providing customers with the easy platform. With our help, we will make asking reviews as part of your process so your business will enjoy a stream of excellent reviews that serve as automatic referrals to prospective customers.


Wash away  toxic reviews to protect your cleaning business

You can lose 30 customers for a single bad review.  However negative reviews are something that should not be feared. For one, negative publicity is still publicity.  Secondly, it creates the impression that your reviews are authentic.  Manage your online reputation by tracking bad reviews so you can sanitize them before they stain your reputation.


Get good PR in social media and acquire more customers

Over a billion people around the world are using social media at this very moment. It is the go-to place to market and promote your business. Any positive review is a glowing advertising for your cleaning business.  Publish a 5-star review in social media to increase your visibility and attract more prospective customers.  Use success stories to encourage repeat customers and wow new customers.

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