Get more patient testimonials, create brand advocates, and attract more clients

We provide health service providers a well-oiled advertising system where happy customers drive leads, grow funnels, and get more customers.


Be the talk of the town to rank in Google

Great content and service of a healthcare business deserve top Google ranking. However, search engines place more trust in consumers and not in your business.  The ranking is measured by how well you are talked about by customers through online reviews. With our system, we can help you get those positive customer reviews to boost your rankings in Google and other major search engines.


Get more reviews, more recommendations, and more new patients

Online reviews are a forceful marketing channel for medical and healthcare services.  They play a central role in how patients choose a doctor or healthcare provider. We will help you effortlessly produce a stream of genuine patient reviews with real-time email and SMS review requests.  Get more reviews to get more patients.


Capitalize on online reviews, the new normal for marketing healthcare services

Getting recommendations from previous patients had been the time-honored practice in selecting a healthcare provider. Today, however, online reviews are the modern way for how people evaluate and select a healthcare service.  Our services will help you acquire positive online customer reviews for patient retention and for attracting new prospects.


Block damaging reviews before they hit the virtual world

Negative reviews are a pathogen to the medical practice. A single negative review will hurt your reputation.  Successful resolutions to a negative review can double patient satisfaction.  Manage your online reputation by classifying reviews effectively, buoying up positive reviews, and stalling negative reviews.  Our services can help managers deal with negative reviews promptly, concisely, and professionally behind doors to improve patient satisfaction.


Transform social media as your bragbook

Healthcare providers use social media as their word of mouth marketing tool to promote their services. We make your patients the living testimony to your quality services by encouraging your patients to share positive information, insight, and satisfaction. A customer talking about their experience is 20 times more credible than what you say about yourself.

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