Build trust in your advocacy and show the transparency of your organization with online reviews

Emphasize the value of your cause and the importance of people’s help to foster donations.


Use online reviews to help search engines know your cause

Online reviews are the undisputed SEO weapon of a non-profit business. Sharing the good deeds of your organization is the ultimate channel through which your organization can gain support and funding for your cause. Get online reviews from your beneficiaries to gain the trust of more donors and be on the top of the search page of Google and other search engines.


Generate online support by highlighting your importance to society

Non-profit organizations vie for donors and consumer income. Competition may be tougher because donations and endowments are fully discretionary. Get the online reviews of how your organization touch lives to inspire confidence and move people to donate to your cause. Help mobilize individuals to change the world through small acts of kindness.


Get a stream of online reviews to motivate more people to donate

Recipients of your non-profit business are more than willing to provide positive reviews for your organization. With our help, we can provide them with an easy platform to create and publish their online reviews in the appropriate platforms and sites. Reviews show the sincerity of your cause and demonstrate the importance of donations. Get more reviews to tap potential donors and give them the opportunity to help the marginalized sectors of society.


Let your non-profit business be known for trustworthiness and dedication to helping

Trust and credibility are important in non-profit organizations. Donors want to make sure that their donations are genuinely used by the organization to help people in need. By getting positive reviews from real beneficiaries of your organization, you build trust and confidence in people to help. Online reviews help donors to truly experience the blessing of giving.  


Be up close and personal to get more donors

Social media is the perfect platform for publishing online reviews for non-profit organizations. Donations are principally inspired by one’s personal affinity to a cause. No other marketing platform offer a more personal, real, and close approach to marketing than social media. Our services allow automated posting in social media where interactions are real, intimate, and personal. This can effectively build your credibility and trustworthiness to inspire other people to follow, support, or give their fair share in making the world a better place for all.

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